May Mission

SHADOW Home is a residential, faith based program for women and their children. If you or someone you know need a program like this, call 217-824-2001 SHADOW will provide lodging, meals, clothing, laundry, etc. and the tools to develop a successful relationship with God and man. While staying at SHADOW the women will be expected to follow set guidelines and assist with household duties. SHADOW will assist to network its guests with support programs. Together, everyone will work to show these women hat there is hope for their situation. The message that no matter how dire circumstances may appear to be, God, through the generosity of ordinary people, has provided them hope and a home at SHADOW to hurting women and children. We hope that we’re only the first of several SHADOW Homes to come.



 A faith based – non profit 501c3: SHADOW Home Association

 A home that provides: lodging, food, clothing and biblical guidance for 15 guests and 1 resident

 A home for women leaving prison or rehab facilities

 A home for women who have been evicted or living in poverty

 A home for emancipated minors, unwed mothers, and single mothers

 A home of network opportunity for women seeking to enter or re-enter independent living

 A home where you can stay up to 9 months

 A home where women will hear the truth and be held accountable

 A home that will nuture both women and their children

 A home funded by organizations, churches, foundations, corporations and personal donations – SHADOW Friends who make this possible

 A home of second chances

 A home with an opportunity of a lifetime!



 A “Safe home” for High Risk situations

 A handicap facility

 A 24 hour shelter

 A Quick fix

 For boys age 10 or older

Our goal for ladies that leave SHADOW:

“Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath compassion on thee.” Mark 5:19 










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