Birthdays & Anniversaries        
May 3  Jesse Cameron(O)       May 5  Cheryl Brown (B)     May 8  Kay Swiney (O)       May 11  Emily Pilcher (O)       
May 14  John Wilhour (O)       May 15  Penny Osborn (O)       May 18  Bob Muster (B)       May 20  Ashley Dodson May (O)        
May 20  Ron & Barb Moomey (O)       May 23  Christy Cameron (O)       May 28  Barbara Moomey (O)
May 30  Matt McCauley (O)       May 31  Catlin Walter Ostermeier (O)       May 31  Rose Muster (B)                  
Sunday Schedule
Sunday Worship Services: 8:30 am at Owaneco, 11:15 am at Buckeye (In person & Facebook live)
Sunday School at Buckeye is not currently meeting.
 The mission of the Owaneco United Methodist Church is to provide spiritual and social support for the community and surrounding area.
The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world


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